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Residential and Commercial Geothermal Systems in Manitoba

A geothermal system helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting against fluctuating costs and saving purchasing energy. Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd is one of the top choices for the installation of geothermal systems for Manitoba’s residential and commercial clients. Geothermal systems are used for a variety of applications, including geothermal heat pumps, hot water supply and more. We’ll work with you closely to determine the best heat source for your home or business based on your needs and specifications.


With Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd, geothermal system installations are cost-effective for both residential and commercial projects. From the early stages of site evaluation to the completion of the project, we help our clients build an effective geothermal system that lasts for years to come. These systems have higher energy efficiency than air pumps and produce less noise as most of the moving parts are underground.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Our experience in the geothermal industry has taught us that system design and sizing along with training and quality products equal customer satisfaction. This eco-friendly system is home to over two hundred years of combined geothermal expertise.

Our Systems

GeoSmart Energy systems use the ability of the earth to store heat energy to provide comfort for your home. The collected heat energy is transferred through an underground earth loop piping system. If you choose GeoSmart Energy systems, you will save money and experience a quiet operation with an environmentally friendly system.

Energy-saving Geothermal Systems

Our professionals specialize in the installation of geothermal systems for both residential and commercial applications.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work In Your Home?

GeoSmart loop systems use GeoSmart’s high-density PE100 green geothermal pipe, which is the most resilient pipe available in the market today. Once this pipe is inserted in the ground, it leads into the foundation of your building through either a sleeve cemented into the wall or under the footings and connects directly to your heat pump. Since this system uses the earth as a natural energy source, you can enjoy years of high-performance renewable heating and cooling. Have a look at the different types of loops below.

Horizontal Loops These are the most common type of loop system. The installation of these loops requires land space and hence it is commonly used in rural areas. Our geothermal pipe is placed in 6-feet-deep and 300-feet-long trenches which are then filled with soil.

Pond Loops These loops can be submerged in an 8-feet-deep water body near the property. The pipes are inserted into a single trench excavated from the home to the water body. The pipes then connect to several green geothermal pipes submerged at the bottom of the lake or pond.

Open Loops These loops are commonly used on rural properties that have high capacity water wells. The water from the ground is withdrawn from an aquifer through a supply well and pumped into the heat pump. The discharged water from the heat pump is redirected into a second well and same aquifer.

Vertical Loops These loops are commonly used in urban areas as they can be installed on little land space. A geothermal drilling rig bores vertical holes into the ground that are 180 to 540 feet deep. Our green geothermal pipe is inserted into each vertical bore which is then filled with bentonite grout.

Blends into Your Garden

Blends into your garden

Flat Bed BiofiltersTM can be concealed in the land naturally for an easily landscaped installation. These are ideal for cottages and can be run with a siphon pump (electricity-free) where site elevation allows.

How Geothermal Energy Works?

The shallow ground (upper 6 feet of the earth) maintains a constant temperature of 100 C making it warmer than the air above it in the winter. In the summer, it works by making your home cooler. The heat exchanger is a system of pipes called a loop buried in the ground near the building. The geothermal fluid circulates through the pipes to absorb heat within the ground to warm the air inside your home. Consisting of three parts- the ground heat exchanger, the heat pump unit, and the delivery system ductwork, a geothermal heat pump system is very energy-efficient. Since none of the energy used is wasted, it helps keep your heating bills low during the winter.

Open Loops
Horizontal Loops
Pond loops
Vertical Loops

Your Residential and Commercial Geothermal Project

Geothermal systems act as cost-effective alternatives to gas systems. If you have decided to have a geothermal system installed at your residential or commercial property in Manitoba, choose Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd. We have the knowledge and the right tools to install your geothermal system in a hassle-free manner. Our experts will use information about the terrain and other natural resources surrounding your home or business to design the most effective geothermal system.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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