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The answer to your HOLE excavation needs

Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd provides residential, commercial, and industrial water well installation, repair, and maintenance to clients across Manitoba.


Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd specializes in providing our clients in Manitoba with top-notch water wells, water well hook-ups, pumps, holding tanks, geothermal, wastewater treatment, soil analysis testing, and maintenance services. We are a 5th generation family business and a team of qualified professionals committed to providing expert workmanship and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have the knowledge and skills to stand behind our work and ensure that it’s done right the first time beyond the standards.

Whether you’re a homeowner in need of a well for your home or a business owner in need of a well for irrigation systems, Ed & Di Enterprises Ltd is the smart choice for you. Our experts have the expertise to drill wells that maximize groundwater yield and produce clean water. We can also install custom water well or geothermal system based on your unique needs. We specialize in:

Water wells

Holding tanks and septic systems


Well hook-ups and pressure systems

Custom installations



Licensed Water Well Driller

Our clients invest in geothermal systems for very specific benefits:

  • Save money on your energy bills. We say that every dollar you invest in geothermal you will get $4.00 back in heat.
  • You can use geothermal for heating, air conditioning, and supplementing the power needed to heat your hot water.

Our professionals have the expertise to provide you with water wells, well hook-ups, pumps, and pressure systems within your budget. Whether you need geothermal system installation or well drilling on your property, you can rely on our licensed water well drillers to take care of your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. We also install components for your water system, including holding tanks, septic fields and more. Our family business, Perimeter Drilling Ltd., also specializes in well drilling.

Trust Us

You can trust us to install every part of your water or geothermal system, including tanks, pumps, and more. We use the latest technology and materials to get your job done efficiently. Our skilled personnel are available round the clock to cater to all your emergency services, call us today.

Energy-efficient Well Drilling

We have the equipment and tools to make the process of geothermal system installation simple and hassle-free.

Site Evaluation Is Key

With our advanced soil analysis testing, we’ll help you determine if a disposal field is allowed on your land.

Promote Better Performance

Regular maintenance helps avoid serious issues, and also ensures that your system is performing at its peak.

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